A Day In Court: Finding The Right Professional For Your Court Reports

11 Jan

To begin with, you must understand what transcription is.

Transcription is defined as the process of turning spoken word into written ones. No matter how plan the job description is, transcriptionists are skilled and trained professionals. You have medical concerns, secretarial work, etc.

When it comes to legal cases there are also legal transcriptionists. However, they are not the same with a court reporter.

Court reporter and legal transcriptionist, what is the difference?

Court reporters are those types of transcriptionist that turn a an actual court hearing into a verbatim report. It is the detailed chronicle of what happened during the hearing-who said what and how. They are not able to rewind or stop anything even if they cannot catch up.

Being a court reporter demands skill and training plus a strong education about the legal terms, procedures, grammars, and a wide vocabulary in business law and medical field. Having a license and authorization gives the you the credibility and days as a transcriptionist in court.

On the other end of the spectrum, legal transcriptionists uses previously recorded legal data and turn them into verbatim reports.

Legal transcriptionists will be working on recordings that means they can rewind or stop whenever they want to. Other than that, their services are way less demanding and they have longer hours to work on a sure verbatim transcription. They can also use transcription machine to get the digital files done. Be sure to click here to get more information now!

What is also great about being a legal transcriptionist is that you can freelance service or work from home.

If you plan on becoming a legal transcriptionist or court reporter then you better take note of a few things below.

Learn to value research about terms you do not understand to widen your knowledge.

Make sure you o not waste time and lose your money by being a slow typist. You have to train to be fast and accurate with your work. Be sure to click here to find more information now!

Listening skill is important in this field as you need to hear and understand the audio so that you can transcribe it. Use headphones or earphone if you like.

It is best that you are comfortable where your workstation is. Take a break and stretch those muscles.

You can make use of the many free or paid software on the web. Whatever you pick make sure that it suits what you need.

You can say that a transcription company has much more affordable fees than those court reporting agency.

To wrap it all up, it is important that you understand both terms before deciding which career path to venture into.

So what are you waiting for? Train to be a legal transcriptionist or court reporter today!

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